eat shit. (ultra_hyphy414) wrote in hc_pictures,
eat shit.

Yaphet Kotto and Turn Around Norman circa 2004

Yaphet Kotto @ The Pierce St. House in Milwaukee, WI March 2004 they played with xForDeathOrGloryx, Vitamin X and Textbook Traitors to this day one of the best shows I've ever seen probably best basement show I've been to minus the Kodan Armada, Coliseum and Breather Resist that same summer. I ran out of film after Yaphet played which was a huge mistake because Vitamin X was absolutly insane and had the most intense circle pit i've ever seen for a basement show.

Turn Around Norman July 2004 @ The Barely Legal House in Milwaukee. The first two pictures are of a set their singer Laura (i believe) did with their guitarist who went on to play in wrong day to quit and probably 10,000 other ex assistant bands. Turn Around Norman was one of those post city of caterpillar/majority rule/pg.99/the assistant break up screamo bands that never got a real chance to get the full credit they deserved. This band was completly down as fuck and had some of the most intelligent lyrics i've ever seen come out of hardcore. Try and hunt down some of their music if you can. They were just a fucking punk as fuck diy or die vegan straight edge bands that rose above the general machosismo that is usually associated with the VXV scene.

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can you put this behind a cut please?

so so so so good to see some yaphet kotto photos. ive missed those guys terribly. wish i had a chance to see them. Thanks for the photos!